1. superbestiario:

    Alexandre Cabanel “Fallen Angel” detail.

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    pretending to be sober at convenience stores

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  4. -annoying:

    the “i’m not afraid to verbally assault a middle schooler if they look at my kid the wrong way” haircut


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    Nick Cave by Corbino

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  12. "Ja nisam bio sitni lopov. Ja sam htio cijeli svijet ili ništa."

  13. girlfriendontherun said: Hi Caroline! Hope you are well. Did you feel strange, or perhaps sad, that none of your co-authors of HTBP is Black, Asian or Middle Eastern? Did you raise this with the publisher? Paris is such a diverse city, surely there are plenty of ethnic Parisian women that should be celebrated and embraced? Do you accept that in some circles the book will be seen as a celebration of all white middle class women far removed from the experiences of the majority of women? So sad.


    I didn’t do a casting to find my co-authors, we’re not shooting a tv commercial. We’re writers.

    I wrote a book with my best friends.

    People will always invert every single thing and they will always have loads of remarks. Nothing can ever just be.